Studies show elevated stroke risk in patients who received flu vaccines and COVID-19 together


The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and the flu vaccines each come with their own set of potential side effects, but when these two risky jabs are administered together, the risks may be even higher. A growing body of evidence is now pointing to one very dangerous side effect in particular: stroke Risk.


Link Between COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente have found that there is a heightened risk of stroke for individuals under the age of 65 who receive a flu shot and the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on the same day. In the study, scientists identified 373 strokes in patients in the 42 days after receiving bivalent vaccination; after 42 days, 1511 strokes were reported.


Stroke risk in patients and Flu Vaccines

Meanwhile, researchers from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have admitted to identifying an elevated risk of stroke for elderly individuals who receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at the same time as the flu vaccines. The finding came from a self-controlled case series involving Medicare beneficiaries who received both vaccines. COVID and Flu Vaccines.

They found that people aged 85 and older who received the Pfizer vaccine with their flu shot had higher risks of non-hemorrhagic stroke and transient ischemic attacks, while the elevated risk for those who received the Moderna jab was seen in those aged 65 to 74. Both types of strokes seen in the study are caused by blood clots that block the flow of blood to the brain. also flu vaccines.

All recipients aged 65 and older experienced a higher risk of non-hemorrhagic stroke 22 to 42 days after receiving a flu and Pfizer COVID vaccine combo; a higher risk of transient ischemic attack was seen in the first 21 days for those who received the flu vaccines and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine combination.

These results are being blamed largely on the high-dose flu vaccine that the patients who were studied received, which is formulated to rev up their immune system. Known as Fluzone, it contains quadruple the flu protection provided by a normal flu jab.

One high-ranking FDA official, Dr. Peter Marks, told a conference that he believes the flu vaccines, COVID-19 and RSV vaccines should be spaced out to reduce the risk of adverse events. He noted: “Oftentimes, we suggest if you want to minimize the chance of interactions and minimize confusing side effects from one with another, you wait about two weeks between the vaccines.”

Researchers in Australia have reached a similar conclusion. They note that more adults have reported experiencing negative side effects after getting a flu vaccines and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at the same time than those that are reported after receiving either of these vaccines on their own.


COVID-19 vaccines can raise blood pressure – Burning satan

Although it is not fully clear how a vaccine like covid or flu vaccines raises the risk of stroke, studies have demonstrated an increase in blood pressure after getting a COVID-19 shot, which forces the heart to work harder than usual. This stress can damage the inner lining of blood vessels and cause arteries to narrow, which fosters the development of clots. Another risk of flu vaccines is the potential to spur an abnormal immune response that results in severe inflammation that blocks the flow of blood to the brain. more about flu vaccines.

On top of the risk of stroke, another concern is the possibility of flu vaccines impacting the response of another. For example, one study showed flu vaccines that are co-administered create lower levels of antibodies, which means recipients are not getting the full benefits.

It is worth noting that some studies have found that receiving the flu and COVID-19 or flu vaccines simultaneously does not appear to raise stroke risk. However, researchers have acknowledged that more studies are needed to reach a more definitive conclusion about this connection and what may be causing it.


Trump frames Gaza conflict as battle between “good” Israel and “evil” Hamas

For former President Donald Trump, the ongoing conflict in the Middle East is a battle between “good” Israel and “evil” Hamas – even though Israel has killed more innocent lives in the ongoing conflict.

During the leadership summit of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas on Oct. 28, Trump denounced Hamas as “monsters” and remarked that the deaths on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides are “on the shoulders of Hamas alone.”

“Every single life that is lost in this conflict is on the shoulders of Hamas, Hamas alone – and I think you have to really add in the word Iran. There can be no sympathy, no excuses and no escape for this monster. We will do what has to be done,” Trump said.

“This is a fight between civilization and savagery; between decency and depravity; and between good and evil. There is no comparison between a group that worships death and a group that cherishes life and cherishes our nation.”

According to Trump, Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack during a music festival in Israel proved that the conflict is not a battle between “equal sides.” Hamas operatives killed more than 1,4000 and abducted hundreds more at the Nir Oz community, prompting Jerusalem to respond with aerial bombardments and ground offensives on the Gaza Strip. More than 8,000 Palestinians have been killed in the course of this military offensive.

The real estate mogul-turned-chief executive is the leading Republican candidate to face off against the Democratic candidate, incumbent President Joe Biden. Trump denounced Biden for having “turned a blind eye to the greatest outbreak of antisemitism in American history.” He blamed the current administration for letting in “colossal amounts of jihadists” as either refugees or foreign students and vowed to stop the “mass importation of antisemitism” if elected as president in the 2024 election.


Trump vows IDEOLOGICAL SCREENING for potential migrants

“They’re letting the jihadists in at levels that nobody’s ever seen before,” lamented Trump. “We cannot allow that to happen. We don’t want to be like Europe, with jihadists on every corner.

The former president promised to reimpose the travel ban he put in place shortly after taking office in 2017. The ban, which his successor Biden repealed in 2021, restricted travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

Moreover, Trump also lamented the “pro-jihadist” demonstrations in major U.S. cities and on college campuses amid the Israel conflict. Given this, he promised to deport foreign nationals who protested in support of Hamas and vowed that no jihadists would be allowed to step on American soil.

“I’ll be implementing strong ideological screenings for all immigrants coming in,” Trump said. “If you hate America; if you want to abolish Israel; if you sympathize with jihadists – then we don’t want you in our country, and you’re not going to be getting into our country.”

Foreign students who supported Hamas and joined the pro-Palestine demonstrations won’t be going scot-free, with their study visas to be canceled and the students themselves to be deported “come 2025.” Colleges and universities who refuse to purge “antisemitism and pro-terrorism” from their campuses could lose both federal funding and their academic accreditation, Trump warned.

The former chief executive ultimately stressed the conflict in Israel wouldn’t have happened under his watch.

“For four years, you didn’t have any of these problems. Think of it – you wouldn’t have Ukraine fighting Russia; you wouldn’t have Israel being attacked; you wouldn’t have inflation; you wouldn’t have anything.”


A Hawaiian store displays a large sign criticizens


A Hawaiian store displays a large sign criticizing President Biden for comparing almost losing his corvette in a small kitchen fire to the catastrophic blaze that razed historic Lahaina Town, claiming over 115 lives and leaving more than 1,000 missing.

“Sorry you almost lost your ’67 corvette in a fire, Mr. President ❤️ Maui Strong!” Subscribe and share 👉 @StormIsUponUsJM



Aids, Red Cross, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Vaccine


Aids, Red Cross, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Vaccines,  Google, Q1044, Apache, Ghidra, Log4j. > Quantum Leaping Like Frogs.

Remember Remember The 5th Of November.. The Answer is here in this movie.

Whats the Google symbol?


We have to tell the world Mr Microsoft is a Mass Murderer to burn everyone’s computers.

Archive Everything Offline?


They are going to tell the people who have been Vaccinated 3/4 times they have Aids/Igg4

Eris = Chaos

“Death of Billions”

Mass Awakening

MED BEDS they reverse Vaccine Damage

Even Autism

This is about undoing all the Vaccines your Great Great Grandparents were forced to take that have affected us down the line with “Genetic Disorders” Think Spanish Flu far back

Poliio Vaccine created Cancer.

Suicide Weekend?

Think Death Of The Dinosaurs, Think Happy Thoughts, It’s Ok We Still Got Crocodiles.


See How I wrote this.

Now go look at Pfizer HeadQuarters


Watch this and then look into HAARP

Then think…

Watch this and then look into HAARP

Then think about magnetic energy.

Manufactured weather manipulation

Youtube Video


Masculine men are born by overcoming adversity


Masculine men are born by overcoming adversity and suffering.

Feminine women are preserved by masculine men who protect them from adversity and suffering.

If men get soft, everything crumbles.



“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is …


“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

~Audrey Hepburn.


(Photo: Audrey Hepburn in a dress by Givenchy. Photography by: Norman Parkinson, 1955)


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More clearer video of a reporter asking the Mayor of Maui Richard Bissen

Note that it has been over 10 days after that this disaster took place in Maui, Lahaina

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Choosing natural foods that parasites hate is especially important for pregnant and nursing mothers as many herbal supplements are not safe for you to take.

⚠️ pregnant and nursing Mothers should check with their health care provider before consuming any food, herbs, supplements or medications.



On the same day that “Argentinian Donald Trump”


On the same day that “Argentinian Donald Trump” Javier Melei wins the Primary Election, and qualifies to face the opposition candidate in the nation’s upcoming General Election.

Do you believe in coincidences?

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The structure of time is satanic.

<iframe width=”1371″ height=”771″ src=”” title=”Man of thorns (lyrics) by Burning satan” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>



More clearer video of a reporter asking the Mayor of Maui Richard Bissen

“How many Children are missing?”

Note that it has been over 10 days after that this disaster took place in Maui, Lahaina

Hawaii #hawaiifires #LahainaFires #MauiFires #lahaina #Maui #Prayformaui

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I found an interesting quote from Kissinger at the WHO Council on Eugenics on February 25, 2009:


“Once the herd accepts compulsory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forced blood or organ donation – “for the common good.

We can genetically modify children and sterilize them – “for the common good”… Vaccine manufacturers will make billions. And many of you in this room are future investors. This is a big win-win deal. We exterminate the herd, and the herd pays us for extermination services.”

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The whole purpose of the great awakening is to reject, and break free of the matrix that has confined us for centuries.

Anyone wanting you to remain in the matrix is actively fighting against the biggest wake up in the history of mankind.

Be wary of Agent Smith. He comes in many different forms. Agent Smith is a low vibe gatekeeper full of negative energy, division, and hatred.

Don’t be Agent Smith.

Be Neo.


In 2014 only two states had laws that required


In 2014 only two states had laws that required child welfare services (CPS) to report children missing while in their care. How many are required to report them missing now?
NEW: @Shawn_Farash got to do his Trump impression *for* @realDonaldTrump tonight at Bedminster.

Persona/natural person/artificial person


Remember, these are not US millitary bases, these are ISRAELI milirtary bases as USA is just another jewish corporation.


Politics and governments are for the brainwashed sheeps and blind masses to keep their attention away from what jews are doing.

Remember the meaning of a word “Government”: Govern (control) + Ment (mind) = Mind control.


A British journalist has released evidence that the CIA created Google.

Google “started out as a CIA project,” according to journalist Alan McLeod, who warned that Big Tech’s ties to intelligence agencies pose a huge problem for free speech.

McLeod, who has researched in detail the links between spy agencies and Big Tech, explained on the Unlimited Hangout podcast how an earlier investigation by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed found that the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) “funded” Sergei Brin’s research at Stanford University, which “resulted in Google.”

Moreover, Brin’s boss there was a CIA employee. So the CIA actually directly contributed to the emergence of Google.

“In fact, the CIA owned shares of Google until 2005 and eventually sold them,” McLeod reported (source)

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The implications of #5G technology on society…

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NEW – X/Twitter fined $350,000 as DOJ wants access to Trump’s account on the platform.



Two ex members of the police force have been working exceptionally hard in exposing


different aspects of the evil and attrocities being committed against the people by our so-called own elected rulers.

Current serving members of the forces should look to these two, real men with the courage, conviction, and integrity to stand in the face of the darkest of dangers. Serving constables would also do well to turn to them for the courage and guidance to act according to their oath, which is according to their own morals and discretion, and is what we the people require, for you to remain in post.

Let it be known that for any harm to come to these men or the men in politics that are becoming embravened to stand up (which is not to say we will be accepting any further form of governance by political parties), would be a total and absolute admission of the guilt of all of the accused.

We the people, will have justice all over the world. We will no longer be ruled by or subjected to poverty, exploitation and evil.

EXCLUSIVE: Americans back the buoys: poll shows most voters support Texas Gov Abbot’s floating barrier along the Rio Grande, despite fears of drowned migrants


Inspirational MAGA AD – A MAGA Revolution! Can..

Inspirational MAGA AD – A MAGA Revolution! Can you Hear the Trump Train Coming! 🔥


    • Healthcanada incorporation information locked and registered with dun and bradstreet under the numbers 20 281 4356 20 555 5033 and 25 914 5303


  • Same with the swiss halifax crash and dr thomas man who was head of aids in who

Department of defense employee admits the canadian fires were a cover story they had planned to shut new york city down for two weeks to drive the climate change narrative:

Toronto about to get hit with toxic fumes these are not natural the kabal is definitely countering the white hats the whs are dropping truth bombs one after another who knows what else is happen


Gameover for the swamp 💯 drain it once people ever understand the presidential records act executive order 13489 oslama yo momma Obama and executive privilegethen you


It’s time to wake up people. The pantomime currently being played out in the US with the Trump indictment – Has triggered a NWO global agenda accelerating it’s power grab They know Trump is a threat, pivotal to global population control For the US criminally insane sociopaths know they face execution, of whole of life in prison It’s why the 15 min cities, digital prison, social credit’s and Surveillance are being aggressively pushed – With token consultation, and ignored anyway Social credit score – Translates too the Chinese experiance of Low credit, no holidays, limited food, total control by an AI computer system – You will even need to hire not buy domestic equipment China’s general population is dependent on bamboo for a reason 15 minute cities is a giant clue of guardless, open air prison camps. And where slight of hand road closures are in place – People are self training acceptance with dumb fuc’ery and silence

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