Trump’s EO are still active.

Massive us fortune

Massive US Fortune 500 companies are seized. Personal assets have been seized. Worldwide [DS] assets are seized. 🚨👀🚨

The massive us fortune, Ripple built worldwide railways for liquidity movements. Stellar’s tokenization of ($545+ Trillion) seized assets. Funds moved from the old World Banks into the new QFS Quantum Financial System.

De-dollarization is unfolding through BRICS+ Alliance.

Leans have been placed for the old US corporate assets — which includes all towns, cities, counties & states (since all entities are also a corporation).

All debts are dissolved. Act of England, 1666 Cestui Que Vie Trust, Maritime Law — all dissolved. All the old US corporate assets will now fall under the new Republic. Seized assets belong back to the original creditors — The People. Read more

The old US corporation is bankrupted.

RUSA (Republic of United States) is activated. The massive us fortune, Trump signed the new Declaration of Independence on 7/4/2020. Martial Law, Law of War, COG (Continuity of Government) & Devolution.

EU, Five Eyes & US fiat currency CRASH is inevitable. Bond Contracts are being completed. New funds will be released into ledgers — in 5 Tiers.

The U.S. Dollar Crash Is More Than Likely | Seeking Alpha

Tier 1 — World Governments
Tier 2 — Financial & Utility Institutions & Corporations
Tier 3 — Admirals & Indigenous Groups
Tier 4 — RV & ISO20022 Asset HODLers
Tier 5 — The General Public

The RV (Currency Revaluation) will unfold publicly. Nesara Gesara is manifested. Stay in your Heart Space.

Currency Revaluation or "Reval" - Money Talks by

The old U.S. corp is dead — bankrupted, defunct & dissolved. More

Constitutional Republic. More

David Straight reads “THE 2nd” Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 2020. More

Breakfast with Stephen And Ellie’ had Jan Halper-Hayes on — as she dropped almost 10 minutes of nonstop RED PILLS!. More


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