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burning satan - Burning of the devil

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Burning Satan

Who am i? Burning Satan

Who “I” am it’s not important… “I” am nothing but one human being.

I’m simply the artist known as “burning satan”.

“WE” together are the important ones.


As David Straight has taught me and millions of other of his followers… I am not a citizen, I am not a resident, and I am not a person. That is their realm… Not mine.

Burning Satan has only one goal and only one message. Spread the truth and spread the love.

The songs tell the tale. I have been in and out of music all my life. I have had a difficult life as many of you may have had, because you knew the truth.

Somewhere in your heart you felt that you were being controlled. By doing what we are doing now, at whatever level we are doing it at… we can all feel like we are in control. We are changing for the better.

We are learning that the truth is painful… But the truth will set us free.

I simply want to do my part to change the musical landscape like many others are right now like Tom MacDonald, Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis, Billy Falcon, and many many more. They are spreading their truth through their songs.

These are my songs and they are my truth.

As many of us are waking up and learning more every day about our enslavement and the Freemason Luciferian agenda…We are becoming more free by the day.

Free to live. Free to laugh. Free to love. Free to just be.

Keep on rocking in the almost free world…

God bless everyone

Burning Satan


The imperfect enigma. He’s a tortured natural; he’s got it but refuses to accept the gift. Always evolving always working,…
– Drew McIvor

Beautiful voice and lyrics. I can see that we are in a new world where real Artists can express themselves…
– Jennifer


What is the Truth – Burning Satan

Embracing truth offers numerous benefits that extend across personal, social, and global realms, contributing to a more balanced, ethical, and cohesive existence.

Clarity and Understanding: Truth provides clarity by offering accurate and reliable information. It helps individuals and societies better understand the world, enabling informed decisions and actions.

Trust and Integrity: Truthfulness fosters trust and integrity in relationships, both personal and professional. Being honest and transparent builds stronger connections and promotes a culture of reliability and accountability.

Conflict Resolution: In social and interpersonal interactions, truth serves as a foundation for resolving conflicts. It allows for open communication, understanding, and negotiation, leading to sustainable resolutions.

Personal Growth: Embracing personal truths encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. Acknowledging one’s strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs facilitates personal growth and development.

Building Credibility: In professional settings, truthfulness builds credibility and a positive reputation. This fosters trust among colleagues, clients, and the broader community.

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Ethical Decision-Making: Truth is intrinsically linked to ethical decision-making. It guides individuals and organizations to act with integrity, ensuring that choices are morally sound and aligned with principles of honesty and fairness.

Knowledge and Progress: In fields like science, embracing truth through empirical evidence and research leads to the advancement of knowledge and human progress. It forms the basis for innovations and breakthroughs.

Reducing Misinformation: Upholding truth minimizes the spread of misinformation and disinformation, contributing to a more informed and aware society.

Emotional Well-being: Being truthful promotes emotional well-being by reducing stress, guilt, and anxiety associated with dishonesty. Living authentically leads to a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Respect for Diversity: Acknowledging different perspectives and truths helps foster respect for diverse beliefs and cultures. It promotes inclusivity and a more tolerant society.

Preservation of Relationships: Honesty and truthfulness are essential for sustaining healthy, enduring relationships. It encourages open communication and mutual respect.

Accountability and Responsibility: Accepting truth involves taking responsibility for one’s actions, decisions, and words. It cultivates a culture of accountability and responsible behavior.

Ultimately, the benefits of truth extend far beyond individual perceptions or societal constructs. They form the fabric of a more transparent, harmonious, and just world, shaping our interactions, decisions, and overall well-being. The pursuit of truth remains integral to personal fulfillment, societal progress, and the advancement of humanity as a whole.

Burning Satan

burning satan - Burning of the devil

Burning the devil