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If your country is a corporation or under Roman law… You are worth a minimum of $100 million, if you’re over the age of 18.

That is how much money you’re “Legal fiction name“ which is your all capital letters name, or your “Cestui Que Vie trust has generated since your birth and long after your death. This system was founded in 1666. Yes that’s correct…THREE SIXES.

It’s the name you find on court documents and on your utility bills and on your birth certificate. That is your legal fiction. It is not really you. They stole it from you. They actually stole it unsuspectingly from your mother, because everyone has came from a mother.

Burning satan music


It’s all here. All the proof you need, if you’re NOT “awake”, AND if you’re just curious…I will provide all the proof you need. If you know already… Then you know. Either way.. WELCOME. I’m just a silly little singer-Songwriter bringing a message of hope. If you listen and you like it… Download it and play it with my many thanks. The lies, corruption and manipulation are out of control. The matrix is on fire with Satan and all other related agendas. They control our food, our water, money, electricity, transportation, media, government, and even the courts (just think of the black robes)… and so much more. We have become slaves to a satanic agenda. A slave to the money. A slave to the constant brainwashing. A slave to our job. This is not how life was meant to be. We were born free. We were not meant to be born into enslavement

It’s all by design. It must be torn down, one human being at a time. We can do this together. We really truly can. I dedicate this website to those searching for the truth… and those who are already standing for the truth!! Those who know, or wish to know…that we are being controlled by dark forces like the “Rockefellers“ modern medicine, the “Rothschilds” central banks, Political and Hollywood Pedophiles, Kazarian mafia Corporations, Criminal Politicians, Satanists, The Trudeau foundation, The Clinton foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and ALL other criminal organizations and foundations.

The Over 5 million “Mason’s” or the “Freemasons“, the council of foreign relations, the council of 300, the international monetary fund, bilateral commission and the trilateral commission, the world economic forum, and all other egomaniacal “SECRET SOCIETIES“…and many more “nefarious organizations“! The mainstream media Is 100% complicit as only 6 corporations (parent companies), their subsidiary companies, and their shell companies pump the message to distort, manipulate, and control the human race.

George Soros is only one of the media influencers, and the founder of “Open Society Foundations”. According to a study conducted by Media Research Center Business, Hungarian-born tycoon George Soros has ties to some of the most influential people in the U.S. and FOREIGN MEDIA. The report has exposed connections between the liberal billionaire financier and 54 prominent media figures. This is why I do NOT want to present my music anywhere other than where you are now. I don’t care if I sell more than two songs… Nor do I care if I sell any songs. However, I would rather have The songs of “Burning Satan“ go into the hearts and the minds of those who are searching evermore for “The Truth”. So I say NO Spotify, NO iTunes, NO Amazon Etc…from now on, it’s only Burning Satan”