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Anything More Beautiful


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My Songs are Full of TRUTH and Love. Feel the sensations as my music touches your soul.
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Song Lyrics

Is It Possible That Anyone
Sees The Nature Of The Crime
Something Coming And It’s Coming Fast And Furious
Change Is Coming Down The Pipe
There Is Something In The Air
Mama Hold Your Baby Tight
I Can Hear The Sound Of Jackels Crying In The Hills
On Liberation Night…We’ll Fly
Is There Anything More Beautiful
Could There Be A Better Night
Freedom Falling From The Sky As If The Stars And Stipes
Were Painted On Our Eyes
Chorus Continued
Is There Anything More Beautiful
Will There Be A Better Sight
Light Dances In The Sky As If The Stars And Stipes
Have Been Painted On Our Eyes
There Are Those Who Will Not Let It Go
Many Will Be Left Behind
Been Tainted For A Thousand Years By Talking Heads
Sold Out With Every Lie….Lie

Words And Music by “Burningsatan”


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