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Brain Go


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My Songs are Full of TRUTH and Love. Feel the sensations as my music touches your soul.
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Song Lyrics

You Say It’s A Lot Like Breathing
I Say It’s A Lot More Meanful Than That…….Yeah
If You Look At Those Who Cheapen
Everything We Ever Believed In Wearing A Mask….Yeah

Would You Say That You Are Free
Do You Honestly Believe
You’re Protected From What You Can’t See….Even Me 
Where Did The Brain Go…..Where Did The Brain Go
Did You Leave It At Home……Do You Even Know….It’s Just A Show Were You Always Afraid….

Were You Born That Way….So You Couldn’t Say NO
All The Koolaid Drinkers
Laughin’ At Critical Thinkers All Day Long
And They Don’t Know The Reason
They Only Know The Feelings Almost Gone
Runnin’ From Something That Don’t Exist
Backed By Satan And The Filthy Rich
Pumped Into You By The Sickest Pricks….That Ever Lived
Black Lives Matter In The Mainstream News
Along With All The Lies They Been Telling You
Now Says What You Should Do…And You Believe It’s True 
Way To Many People Livin’ In Fear…

With All The Poison They Been Slingin’ Here

It’s Enough To Make You Disappear…..Within A Year

Words And Music By “Burningsatan”


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