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You Know


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My Songs are Full of TRUTH and Love. Feel the sensations as my music touches your soul.

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Song Lyrics

Born Of The Rapture And Laid In The Arms
Of Mothers That Gave Us Our Name
A Signature On Paper Is All That Is Needed
To Turn Every Slave In The Game

You Know…Momma You Know….You Know….
So Tell Me Momma Do You Know
Do You Know You Were Signing My Life Away
Why In The World Would I Agree To Be Owned
The Thieves Of The Innocence Have Hijacked Our Souls
Off To The Matrix We Go…
Em, Bm, Em, Bm, Em, A
You Know…Momma You Know….Do You Know ….
That Pschycopaths Have Been Running The Show
All My Life This Has Eaten Me Up
And I’m Just A Regular Joe
But I GOT The Feeling That The Vatican
And Queen Of England Had To Go…..
You Know The Enemy Is Way Beyond Twisted
Way More Evil Than This
There’s A Pope In A White Robe And Another In Black
Keeping Us Afloat On Some Ship
You Know….Momma You Know….Do You Know….
They’re Trafficing Children Through The Church
You Know…Momma You Know…I Want You To Know
We Will Never Be Free….Until Everyone Knows
Words And Music By Burningsatan


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