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Higher Road


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My Songs are Full of TRUTH and Love. Feel the sensations as my music touches your soul.
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Song Lyrics

When You Got A Tiger By The Toe….You Don’t Let It Go…No No No
Could Have Learned It Long Ago…Coulda Just Said No…No No
It’s Not Easy As You Know……To Over Throw…
Without Any Stones
Or To Drive The Devil Down Below…..And Still See The Show…..
Just Say No No
The Higher Road Always Knows
The Higher Road Is All Yours
I’ve Been Waiting All My Life….For The Leopard Sky…
That Never Says Goodbye
And All The Beauty Of The Night….Let’s The Darkness Try….
To Turn Out The Light
Looking Deep Inside The Eyes…Of Jesus Christ…Ya See Sacrifice
A Holy War Inside Your Mind….Will Need More Time….
To Hold The Line
The Higher Road Always Knows
The Higher Road Will Be Yours
Winds Of Change Will Disappear…..Dressed Up As Fear…..
To Commandeer
The World That’s Really Not A Sphere…How Did We Got To Here…
They’ve Lied For Years
The Higher Road Always Knows
The Higher Road….Opens Doors
The Higher Road Is Paved With Gold
The Higher Road Can Be Yours…
The Higher Road Always Shows…The Higher Road Can Be Yours
When The Joker Fooled The Page….It Was From A Stage


Words And Music By “Burningsatan”


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