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What I Got


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Song Lyrics

I got a minivan….An automatic minivan
I got a lot of seats….In my minivan
And I got money….Dirty ol’ money
I got a suitcase full…Of all that dirty money
That’s what I got
I got a nice love….A real nice love
And it’s a dirty love….A good and down and dirty love
I got a happiness….A weird and giddy happiness
A bunch of happiness….A slappy happy happiness
That’s what I got
I got dignity….I got my own dignity
I got to stand up tall…With all my dignity
I got an easy peace…A real nice and easy peace
I gotta serious peace….A nice and easy peazy peace
I got a simple peace….I got a real good peace
That what I got
Piano Solo
I got wings….I got pretty little wings
And I can fly anywhere…With my pretty little wings

Words and Music by “Burningsatan” Copyright


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