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Lonely Man


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I Have Waited Here All Day
And Now I’ve Seen The Worst Of The Night
I Took A Tumble….I’ve Had A Fall
And I Have Seen This Army To War
I Have Laid My Life At Their Feet
I’ve Fallen Down…….Now I Can’t Get Up
It’s Up To Me To Die My Way
There Is No Dignity Today
Today I Am….The Lonely Man 
I Have Spent These Days On Nothing
I Have Given Myself To The Few
I Laid My Life Down….Now Here I Am
A Soldier Drowning In His Blood
Laying Here In Ice Cold Mud
Today I Am….The Lonely Man
I Am The Lonely Man…..I Am The Lonely Man
Yeah I Am The Lonely Man….Yeah I Am The Lonely Man
  And After This Night…I Won’t Have To Die Again
Words And Music By “Burningsatan”


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