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Man of Thorns


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Song Lyrics

Hello…I’m the man of thorns
I wore it in and out of many doors
You could see me coming from miles before
Hello I’m the man of thorns
A shout out….from the man of thorns
who getting back to the flowers he once wore
Tired and weary from what he was before
this is the shout out from the man of thorns


Now can you hear this man of thorns
Telling you he’s not that man anyone
No…and he didn’t find Jesus or any of that sort
He just found peace in the man of thorns

And I’m grateful to you….and I’m now generous too

So you can make love to the man of thorns
His heart is bleeding but not ripped and torn
No….see the hippocrite died….and doesn’t live here anymore
He just found peace in the man of thorns
Yeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh….and I’m so grateful to you

Now you can say goodbye to the man of thorns
He just fell short and had to be reborn
No No….didn’t find salvation in the coming of your lord
So he….He just made peace with the man of thorns

Cause we were born without a need for chains
But the shallow waves…they don’t swallow the pain
So let the churches burn….while freedom rings…yeah let freedom ring
Until finding peace becomes everything

Words and Music by “Burningsatan


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