Number 17 (Album)

Number 17 (Album)


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List of 13 songs in the album:

Don’t Come Home

You Know

Northern Ontario 

The Spring

Freedom Come

Owned By Me

There I Was

Wait Up

On My Way To Heaven



If Everything Was Easy

Never Surrender

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3 reviews for Number 17 (Album)

  1. Broken 8 Records

    Musically, ‘Number 17’ sees Burning Satan on as fine a form as ever, delivering a familiar, timeless sound that washes over you in gentle, textured waves. The emotion behind the album is more diverse and pronounced throughout, capturing a multi-faceted sound that is accessible and enjoyable, while also deeply human.

  2. Drew McIvor, Canada

    The imperfect enigma. He’s a tortured natural; he’s got it but refuses to accept the gift. Always evolving always working, I’m never sure I’ll be able to handle the next song. They are master classes in the beautiful tension between hope and sorrow, between joy and pain, between genius and madness.

  3. Barbara

    I got moved
    It’s life changing message to the world
    I encourage you to do more of this

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Number 17 (Album)
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