Truth N Love (Album)

Truth N Love (Album)


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Take a journey with me from the inception of my troubled and grateful life. Including the then and now ongoing struggle with those that do nothing and choose enslavement over freedom.
The window to the great awakening is now wide open… And all people have to do is climb through it. Run toward the truth, as it is the only thing that will set us free. Feeling the love that comes from that is in my opinion the true magic. The slave masters hate that. They should’ve never disturbed the nest. Oops…too late.

List of Songs in this Album:

Every Man And Woman

Mad Mad World  


Where Is The Love.

Anything More Beautiful 

Your Word  

What’s It Gonna Take


On My Knees  


Too Many Sheep

Turning White

Never Surrender

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1 review for Truth N Love (Album)

  1. Broken 8 Records

    Citing his experiences with censorship, control, and the mainstream media, along with a desire to spread love, and tear down ‘the Freemason Luciferian agenda’, the album is a whirlwind introduction to the anonymous artist and his world truths. Withone goal in mind, to spread truth and love, Burning Satan creates powerful songs that take aim at the modern world, pushing to awake minds and uncover hidden truths. Cut from sounds of yesteryear, it’s an album that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but does begin to perfect it, stitching together driving nostalgic sounds with a bold voice for all those truth seekers and lost listeners looking for some sense of enlightenment.

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Truth N Love (Album)
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